Friday, November 13, 2015

After You

Book: After You by Jojo Moyes

Members present: Christy, Denise, Gina, Marie, Linda, Sharon

Venue: Carrabba's

Book Discussion:

Discussion was even shorter than usual because we were so hungry. That was my excuse, at least. For those of us who finished it, we liked Me Before You better. The book started a little slow but got better eventually. Sharon thought the ending was surprising. Gina liked Louisa's dad. I didn't think it was as good of an exploration of grief as What Alice Forgot was, but still worth reading. I thought Wynona Ryder would have been a good Lily when she was a teenager. We couldn't come up with any other casting suggestions.

Marie said that Me Before You is going to be a movie, and it is supposed to be released in march of 2016. So we may have to do a book club movie date! Here is the link: Me Before You. I don't recognize any of the actors. Maybe they're British or Australian? They did not pick Ben Affleck to play Will, as Sharon suggested.

Noteworthy News:

We were so hungry we didn't even gossip that much. The big news is that Linda is now living in Roanoke and has joined book club. Yay! She is also available to sub, if anyone needs one.

Lorelei has also joined our group but was sick and couldn't make it.

And I kicked several people out because they never showed up.

Next Book:

Sharon will be hosting our next book, which is Defending Jacob by William Landay. Venue will be 2nd Helpings. You can check out their website here. We will meet in December so that can at least get 4 books in for 2015, because that's already a pretty low number, even for a remedial book club.

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