Friday, October 18, 2013

Tender at the Bone Meeting

October 18, 2013

Well, it was our lowest showing ever for book club, and the host, Denise, actually had to leave and tend to a sick child.  We decided to count this as a meeting anyway because we are on the verge of losing our book club status altogether.  So here were the highlights:

Venue:  Fork in the City.  Excellent!  Not the gourmet food described in the book, but you can't go wrong with gourmet hot dogs and pizzas!

Latest gossip: 
  • Lots of sad events:  my break up with Jamie, Marie's dad passing, Lauren's ectopic pregnancy, Annette's father is ill.  Send positive vibes our way.
  • Good news:  I am a freelance writer!  I am going to write short psychology articles giving advice on relationships.  With my 2 divorces and recent breakup, I should be well-qualified to tell people what not to do!  And I'm excited about my blog.  Please spread the word about it so that I can become a famous writer!  I'll be sure to mention you in it!
  • As of Jan. 2014, there may be changes to the book club list.  Be sure to attend the next meeting and/or participate in the blog to maintain your status!
  • We might have talked about you.  Better come to book club next time to keep that from happening!
Book discussion:
  • About the Author
  • We forgot our movie discussion!  I can't believe it!
  • Gina and I agreed that Reichl's parents must have been dead when she wrote the book and that if we had said those things about our parents, they would have been PO'ed.
  • We all agreed that it was easier to eat in a restaurant than to try any of those recipes from scratch--especially Annette and me.  Although coconut bread sounded good!
  • I said that Janette Wall's parents were homeless when she finished Glass Castles so they probably didn't read her book and therefore were not upset about their portrayal in it.
  • Which made us decide to do Half Broke Horses, by Jeanette Walls, as our next book.  Gina will host.  Since she's already read it, she will read Glass Houses so we can have a more intelligent discussion about the two books together.  We have some ground to make up after this poor showing for this meeting.
  • Annette and I shared some of the most memorable moments from Glass Houses with Gina--mostly about how crazy the dad was.
  • We had the waitress take our picture.  She seemed kind of PO'ed about it, but then she came all the way outside to give me my captain's gift, which I had left behind, so I guess that made up for it.

This is sort of like taking minutes. I wonder if I will always have to be secretary?  Denise, Gina, and Annette let me know if I forgot anything.

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  1. I thought about you all and what discussion regarding this book may have been like. It is rather hard to speculate on an author's character development when the story is true as in this case. I enjoyed the book and remain in awe of those like Ruth who instinctively seem to be able to craft good food and truly enjoy doing it especially when it requires great effort in preparation or in some cases just assembling and finding ingredients. I believe most of us are just too impatient, busy, or overwhelmed by the prospect. I believe I could make the deviled eggs though.

    As far as the parents are concerned, dead or alive, I believe Ruth covered herself in the opening paragraph when she said the stories and events she was to share may or may not be true. Crazy people are interesting!!